Quote of The Day, Marcy Kaptur Edition

All Americans should ask themselves as they eat strawberries, bananas and apples, order chicken nuggets or smoke cigarettes—whose hands worked to process the crops and livestock that lay at the basis of the best fed and indulged nation in the world? Where do the agricultural workers live, and under what conditions do they labor?

Via The Nation.

My Epiphany Regarding The Christian Right In This Country…

So this past Sunday I went to church, somewhat reluctantly since I have come to the realization that I really don’t believe in God and have a huge problem with organized religion, but that is a topic for another post.

I was struck by the ‘theme’ of the First Reading and the Gospel, essentially the priest said that message was that to believe in God is to believe in what Jesus Christ stood for: the state of being selfless. Jesus Christ gave his own life, the ultimate act of selflessness, for the forgiveness of all our sins. The priest went on to say we should put aside our own desires, our own wants and needs and put God’s will first.

Then it struck me, this is the antithesis of today’s conservatism. Today’s conservatism is all about Ayn Rand, all about the justification of being selfish. Every conservative position on any given issue is about being selfish. The whole mantra of individualism masks an ugly truth: Conservatives don’t believe in helping the less fortunate, they see the poor as lazy people who are just looking for a handout. Look no further than Mitt Romney’s now infamous 47 Percent moment where he basically labeled half the country as lazy people.

So the next time you hear a Christian conservative talk about how they love Jesus Christ, ask them to reconcile the basic tenets of Christianity with their own political views, then listen for the sound of crickets chirping…

Yes #NRA, Random Mass Shootings With #Guns Are On The Rise

Via Pro Publica

But what if you focused just on shootings “in which the motive appeared to beindiscriminate mass murder“? Mother Jones decided to track the number of high-profile attacks in public places excluding armed robberies, gang shootings and domestic violence murders that happened within a home. Using this different definition—a controversial choice—Mother Jones concluded mass shootings are on the rise.